Walker's Game Ear Series Power Elite HD WGE-XGE4B 50dB

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Walker's Game Ear Series Power Elite HD WGE-XGE4B 50dB

Walker's Game Ear Series Powe Elite HD - Hearing enhancement and protection

The Walker's Game Ear HD Power Elite Behind the Ear Electronic Ear Plug is smaller and lighter than previous models and perfect for hunting. The HD Elite features four digital sound processing channels, and four program settings; General, Crowds, Nature, and Power Boost, so you can pick the one that best suites your current conditions. The HD Power Elite also features Adjustable Frequency Tuning, so you can customize it to your hearing needs. The 20 bit audio processor provides crisp, clear sound for unmatched hearing quality. The HD Power Elite provides an incredible 50 dB of hearing enhancement so you can detect game quickly, but also protects your ear with a noise reduction rating of 29dB NRR utilizing sound activated compression (SAC). SAC is a special electronic circuitry that will compress gun shots and other loud noises down to a safe level, without completely shutting the noise off. This allows you to hear range commands or communicate with your hunting partners, even when shots are being fired around you.

The HD Elite unit features a special water repelling Nano coating. The Aridion Nano technology coats every aspect of the hearing unit at a nanoscopic level and protects much more thoroughly than alternative approaches. The result is a truly durable and invisible liquid repellent coating, inside and out. The revolutionary Nano-coating does not affect working components, so you can be confident your HD Elite will work flawlessly. Your hearing cannot be replaced, so make sure you protect it on your next trip to the woods.

Walker's Game Ear Digital HD Power Elite, Beige:

  • 4 program settings: general, crowds, nature and power boost
  • 50db of power
  • Adjustable frequency tuning, provides a bass and treble fine tuning capabilty
  • Toggle volume control
  • Nano tech coating
  • 4 digital sound processing channels
  • 20 bit audio processor for crisp clear sound
  • 8 band graphic equalizer
  • Automatic feedback control
  • Fast acting sound activated compression
  • Low battery tone indicator
  • Noise reduction rating of 29dB
  • Power source number 13 battery
  • Includes: unit, sound tube, earplug, 3 batteries and carrying case
  • Beige color