ICOtec Rascal Bluetooth Game Call

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ICOtec Rascal Bluetooth Game Call

APC Field & Pro Staff Product Notes:  Customers need to be aware this electronic caller is "Blue Tooth" enabled and in such, it does not include a "traditional" remote control. The purchaser utilizes their own "smart" phone with the AnimalAudio.com mobile app downloaded and running on there Android or Apple iOS smart phone to control the ICOtec Rascal device.  Because of this, the Rascal is only recommended for hunters who are very comfortable with advanced modern technology, downloading of apps, purchasing sounds online, and controlling devices via a smart phone interface in the field  - APC Staff

ICOtec introduces the all new Rascal Bluetooth electronic game call. The new and improved sound enhancement crystal audio technology boasts and incredible life-like audio reproduction of animal sounds like never before. The volume level has also been ramped up to explode the sound even farther than a typical caller of this size and price range.

Place four AA batteries in the unit, activate the Bluetooth on your smartphone, search for Rascal, connect and start streaming sound from your phone, online sites, apps and any sounds you have recorded to your phone. You will notice up to an amazing up t0 100 yard range from your phone to the call unit. That is a longer range than most other call brands can do with their remote control.

The Rascal also features an external speaker port for those windy areas and a decoy port.

For those who download and use the ICOtec Animal Audio App, You can download sounds in the app for offline play in case you are out of cell phone service where you hunt.  Please Note: At current time dozens of sounds are available via free downloads, others are $3.00 each.  DOWNLOAD THE FREE APP HERE to preview the available sounds 

The Animal Audio App also allows you to create playlists and save them for future use or future editing. When you create a playlist you can delay a sound activation, loop once or as many times as you’d like and play each sound in your list at different volume levels. And the cool part is that you can begin the playlist with a simple press of one button. The decoy also has an activation button in case you choose to start and stop the action during a stand. 

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