Flextone Extractor 4-N-1 Deer Call FLX-FLXDR063

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Flextone Extractor 4-N-1 Deer Call FLX-FLXDR063

Most hunters will tell you having one deer call in your arsenal isn't enough " but it might be if that one call is the Extractor™. This freeze-proof, soft-boded call offers every type of deer vocalization you could need: from social grunts and fawn bawls, to doe bleats and even buck snort wheezes.

You'll need a little practice to make your calling style your own, but the X-Glide™ sound selection system will give you a huge confidence boost to get there. The easy-gliding slider moves smoothly between buck, doe and fawn sounds so you get the right call each time. Top it off with Flextone's innovative soft-body design, which surrounds the reed in rubber to mimic the soft tissue around a deer's vocal box. All these features work together to help you create versatile calls with unparalleled realism.


  • X Glide slide adjustments for variable tones
  • Loud Snort Wheezes
  • Rubber hose for variable tones
  • Freeze Proof design