Andrew Lewand The Predator Hunters Playbook

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Andrew Lewand The Predator Hunters Playbook

The art of calling to predators is the true essence of predator hunting. Developing and using sound sequences is an exciting tactic that brings cagey coyotes and Finicky foxes running to any hunters setup. The problem is that there are so many questions about developing productive sequences.This book takes all the guesswork out of creating sequences and presents a variety of proven sequences that can be used during all times throughout the calling season. Think of this book as coach's play book that contains all the calling tricks to use while afield. The text explains... - Sequences that red fox cannot resist - How to target Grayfox and make them come running - How to call in any predator with an earshot while not scaring others away - Several coyote-only sequences that work during all phases of the season.  

  • Paperback: 64 pages
  • Published: October 6, 2016