Andrew Lewand Coyote Tales

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Andrew Lewand Coyote Tales

How can coyote hunting be described best? Snow covered hillsides, moon lit winter nights and hunters calling out with a variety of sounds all make up the essence of the sport. It is a challenging and thrilling form of hunting which is highlighted by the sight of a coyote charging across the landscape into the hunter’s setup! Coyote Tales consists of twenty chapters of true coyote hunting adventures from author Andrew L. Lewand. Each chapter describes an actual hunt, leaving no detail behind. Readers will feel as if they are sitting right beside the hunter as the exciting hunts unfold. Each chapter will motivate hunters of all experience levels to get out and hunt! From an educational standpoint, each chapter in Coyote Tales includes specific information that led to the success of the hunt. New and cutting-edge tactics are discussed, which will give all hunters more tricks to use in their own future hunts.

  • Paperback: 120 pages
  • Published: September 2014