Harmon Scents Hog In Heat Urine HHIH

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Harmon Scents Hog In Heat Urine HHIH

Hog ''In Heat'' Sow Urine. 2 ounce bottle. When you're hog hunting, why not bring with you the best hog scent you can use? Harmon's Hog "In Heat" is 100% sow urine. It is not watered down; there are no chemicals and no additives. Just like we do with all our deer scents--pure. Each week, 12 breeder sows go into a pen to breed. There are four breeding boars that are used on the farm. Every twelve sows that go into that pen each week are there for one purpose: breeding, breeding, breeding. The urine is strong, and does it stink! The hog farm is a breeder farm. If you want to outsmart that boar, use Harmon's Hog "In Heat" sow urine.