Carlsons Coyote Ported Choke Tube Benelli Crio Plus SBE2, SBE3 & M2 Style Threads 30050

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Carlsons Coyote Ported Choke Tube Beneilli Crio Plus SBE2 & M2 Style Threads 30050

All New Design - Now Ported! Throws dense, tight patterns out to 70 yards with large shot T's. Testing produced an average of 17 lethal T pellets in a 10” circle at 70 yards. With that kind of reach and impact, you can touch a lot of varmints for the last time, and increase your portion of the fur trade.The longer, parallel section in the choke combined with heat-treated 1704 stainless steel produce the compact patterns. Each has a blued finish and knurled end for easy insertion and removal. Lifetime warranty. 12 gauge only. For use with Hevi-Shot, Copper/Nickel-plated, or Lead ONLY - NOT FOR USE WITH STEEL SHOT.

  • New Ported Design