Auscamotek Binocular Harness with Rangefinder Pouch

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Auscamotek Binocular Harness with Rangefinder Pouch

Auscamotek Binocular Harness with Rangefinder Pouch.  Don't let the price fool you, this binocular harness is packed with features and wells made.

Key Features:

  • Camouflage quiet material with interior soft felt to protect your binoculars
  • Magnetic closure for easy and quick excess
  • Padded mesh should straps take all the relief from your neck
  • Separate rangefinder case can attached to the binocular harness or used separately attached to your backpack or belt
  • 2 adjustable tethers with soft loop ring for securing your binoculars
    • Wont scratch your expensive lens like others with metal rings
  • Back pocket ideal for your phone or hunting license
    • Mesh side pocket for wind detector bottle
    • Front pocket can put a head light or hunting knife or other small hunting accessories.
    • Hidden pouch for tuck-away waterproof rainfly
      • Cover keeps your gear dry in rain
  • Compact size
    • Sits snug to chest, doesn't affect bow shot angle for archery hunters
  • Ideal for most binoculars up to 10x42