Zepps Predator Calls Big Cat Mt Lion & Bear Rattler

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Zepps Predator Calls Big Cat Mt Lion & Bear Rattler

Zepp's Predator Calls - The "Big Cat Mt Lion Rattle'r". Features a unique diamond camouflage, machined aluminum cnc machined call body, and dual internal closed reeds. This is one very unique predator call. In 2008, Gary Keller from Michigan and I became the first predator callers in the world to call, kill and film a Mt. Lion on our DVD, Free Grass and No Fences. It was a special moment to say the least! The Big Cat Rattler, along with an FX3, produced by our friends and sponsors at Foxpro, brought in an nice female lion for an unforgettable moment. This is your chance to buy a proven Lion killing call. This call will last a lifetime. Imitates prey distress squalls like no other. Twice as loud as most predator calls on the market - really cuts through the wind. Used by top lion and bear hunters in the USA and Canada. Includes camo lanyard.