Yellerdog Outdoor Products Call Builder Ultimate Coyote Howler Tone Board Kit 3 Black with Reeds YD-UCH1

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Yellerdog Outdoor Products Call Builder Super Screamer 2 Tone Board Kit 3 Black with Reeds YD-SS2

The Newest Yellerdog Tone Board, this Howler board was developed to give Callers and Call Makers a Tone Board with the complete range of options for coyote vocalizations.
It is blown with ease, flows smoothly, without pitch breaks through all the ranges of a coyote howl, from the biggest dog on the block to the little sissy down the street. It excels with barks and challenge howls as well as Ki-Yi’s and other distress sounds as well.  It has met every expectation I had when I set out to make them, it may be the best tone board from Yellerdog to date. 

  • Dimensions: 3/4” Diameter x 2-3/4 long
  • Includes 3 Black tone boards and 6 reeds - Standard reed # 2 (.014 6ea) 

Note: Reed length may be trimmed and modified to fit tone board. (See The Open Reed Chart HERE) Perfect for hobby and custom call builders. Tone boards ARE NOT marked or imprinted with any manufacturer info or name for that truly custom look.