Wicked Lights A48iC GREEN Scan Plus Night Hunting Light Kit for coyotes, hogs, and predators

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Wicked Hunting Lights™ is excited to announce the addition of the A48iC Ambush Hunting Light with Intensity Control and Scan & Kill® Technology. Successfully target hogs, coyotes, fox, bobcat, raccoon and varmints at night with the Wicked Hunting Lights™ A48iC Ambush Hog & Predator Hunting Night Hunting Light. The A48 is purpose designed & built specifically for night hunting. 

Wicked Lights A48iC Green Scan Plus Night Hunting Light Kit 

The A48iC GREEN Ambush Light Scan Plus kit includes:

  • 1 x A48iC Ambush Full Intensity Control Night Hunting Light
  • 1 x GREEN Intensity Control LED
  • 1 x Standard Intensity Control Rheostat Tail Cap
  • 2 x Li-Ion Rechargeable Batteries
  • 1 x 2-Position Charger with A/C & DC Charge Adapter
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty:
    • Light Housing: Lifetime
    • LED: 3-Year
    • Batteries and Charger: 1-Year


  • Full Intensity Controlled rheostat cap that allow the light to be turned on at ANY power level.
  • Purpose built and designed for night hunting.
  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.
  • Designed, serviced, and warrantied in the USA.
  • Our second generation hunting light with Scan & Kill® Technology. Featuring a unique Zoom / Focus design which allows you to focus and or defuse the light beam.
  • Full intensity controlled adjustable power output of the LED combined with Zoom / Focus give you absolute control of light output and light intensity depending on the situation and your night hunting style.
  • The A48iC Ambush comes with a White Intensity Control LED. The LED assembly features a 3-year warranty. Uses the same LED as the W403IC  and ScanPro iC Headlamp- SKU 20236
    • Green LED - Ideal for hogs, general predator hunting (coyote, fox, bobcat)

A48iC Ambush Key Specifications:

  • Operation temperature: Minus -30 ~ 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Precision machined T6 Aircraft grade aluminum with type III hard anodization.
  • O-ring sealed, water resistant.
  • Battery type: Operates on 1 18650 PCB 3.7V Lithium-ion battery.
  • A48iC Bezel Diameter: 48.0 mm / 1.89 inches.
  • A48iC Body Diameter @ scope mount: 25.0 mm / 1.0 inch.
  • A48iC Weight one battery installed: 11.3 ounces.
  • A48iC Length: 178.0 mm / 7.0 Inches.
  • A48iC Length bezel extended to MAX zoom: 188.00 mm / 7.40 Inches.
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime on light assembly. LED assembly three years. Battery and charger one year. See manual for details and limitations.
  • The A48iC features a full intensity control tail cap with the ability to power the light on at any desired intensity level.
  • The A48iC Intensity Control LED features a 3-year warranty, and can be changed in the field in less than 20 seconds for those wishing to use or experiment with a diffident led color.
  • The innovative combination of high magnification convex lens, specially designed LED circuit, and LED module that screws in to mount pad stop combine to eliminate the tedious and frustrating LED light focus adjustment procedure found in many of our competitors designs. No adjustment required - access and change the LED in 20 seconds.


*Approx battery life using high quality, fully charged, Wicked Lights 18650 3.7 Li-Ion 2600ma battery. Note: Battery quality varies widely between brands and ma ratings are often grossly exaggerated on cheap batteries. 

**Ambient light (moon phase), scope quality & power setting, LED color, battery state of charge, background foliage, rain, snow, and size and color of target species will all affect range.

***Manufacturer specifications are subject to change without notice.

 prop-65-warning-triangle.png California Proposition 65 Warning: Click Here 
Limited Lifetime Warranty: - Light Housing: Lifetime - LED: 3-Year - Batteries and Charger: 1-Year

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  • 4
    Able to shine eyes up to 400 yds.

    Posted by Robert Collins on 13th Jul 2020

    This is a good light, I would recommend it you won't be disappointed.

  • 5

    Posted by Joshua on 26th Jan 2018

    This light is extremely good. I have another one it’s the original size. The 48ic is more compact still provides more then enough light to make pretty long shots, i took it out the night after it came in called in five yotes in about ten min they couldn’t cross the new fence so they stayed on the fence for an hour with me beaming the light on them, the only way to go is the green light it makes the light better through a scope and animals don’t run i hunted the big cat contest with it last weekend and we called in ten yotes ten foxes and two cats the light never made them run! We used it the whole time for a 24 hour hunt and only changed batteries once i was really impressed it’s functions can all be used with one hand besides beaming distance. The only con i have is if you have the beaming distance at a minimum it has a huge field of view which will in turn get you busted if anyone is beside you it will light them up visually for animals, it didn’t affect us much because we were hunting bigger open areas where the beam was almost fully closed! All in all extremely happy with the light!