Tenergy 12 Position AA AAA NIMH and NICD Smart Charger with 12 AA NIMH 2500MA Batteries TN160

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Tenergy TN160 Charger with Batteries

Tenergy - 12 Position AA / AAA NIMH Smart Charger WITH 12 AA NIMH 2600MA Batteries.


  •  1 x Tenergy TN160 12-Bay AA/AAA NIMH/NICD LCD Smart Battery Charger
  • 12 x Premium AA 2500mah NiMH Batteries

Features and Benefits:

  • 12-Bay Switching fast charger  - its accurate voltage detection ensures no over-charging and under-charging.
  • Built-in IC and advanced Delta-V charging control function (automatically detects when batteries are fully charged)
  • 12 independent charging channels for individual charging and detection: AA & AAA, NIMH/ NICD can be mixed when charging. The battery can be placed at any channel of the charger.
  • Suitable only for 1.2v AA/AAA NIMH/NICD rechargeable batteries.
  • Constant current charging mode with –ΔV detection, ensures fast charging.
  • Easy to use: simply connect the adaptor to charger, plug charger into household electric outlet and insert battery into the battery compartment. Charger will start charging automatically.
  • Large LCDs indicate charging status.
  • Charger comes with refresh function.
  • Wide AC input voltage 100-240V, designed for worldwide usage.

Safety Features:

  • Over-heat
  • Over-current
  • Short-circuit
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • 8-hour safety timer protection.

 *Note: Don't charge Alkaline Batteries. Only compatible with AA & AAA NiMH / NiCD Batteries.