Tanned Coyote Pelt / Fur TFcoy

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Tanned Coyote Pelt / Fur TFcoy

Professionally tanned, garment grade, wild coyote furs are excellent decorative pieces for man rooms, offices, stores, restaurants, lodges, cabins and camps with an outdoor theme or decor.  Garment tanning produces soft, supple leather and bright fur.  These tanned wild furs look great as wall hangings or draped across furniture.  

  • Furs are case skinned (tube) and tanned for the fur trade.  Front and rear legs are removed at or above elbow and lower jaws removed as the are not used in the fur trade.  Typically faces, ears, nose eyelids are tanned as is with the intention of removing as they are not normally used in the fur trade (blankets, coats, collar trim, etc). 
  • As typical in the fur trade pelts they may have minor holes and nicks, but will not detract from there usage as decor items
  • Colors and furs are very nice. Great wall hangers!
  • Furs are typically 54 - 61 inches nose to tail (see picture for typical pelts, small and large - includes 1 pelt only)