Kill Suit® 3D Strip Wicked Woods® Digital Desert, Mesh Lined APC003D

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Kill Suit® 3D Strip Wicked Woods® Digital Desert, Mesh Lined APC003D

Kill Suit Dress to Kill®  Designed and manufactured to’s specifications—YES! Designed by predator hunters for predator hunters! The Kill Suit® suit gives you the ability to disappear in plain sight and blend into your surroundings using the best camouflage system on the market.

The price includes a complete 4-piece Kill Suit®, which includes: Jacket (with hood and face veil attached), pants, gun wrap and handy storage bag! The unique design features strips of lightweight digital camo material sewn to underlining.

The deadly enhanced camouflage appearance is achieved through the use of a special polyester material weave and specially chosen digital camo colorations and combinations which duplicate natural earth tone colorations and accentuate the ‘fade out” and camouflage affect on the human form—especially the upper torso and head and shoulder area.

The Kill Suit® ghillie suit weighs under 2 pounds, and is designed to be worn over jeans and a shirt. Exhaustively field tested to identify the best color combinations in varied terrains'. The suits are available in either Wicked Woods® Digital Woodland, Wicked Woods® Digital Desert, or Wicked Woods® Snow camo.

The Kill Suit® ghillie suit movement enhancing “strips of material” design eliminates the collection of irritating twigs, sticks, and burrs often plaguing ghillie suits which use sewn or tied on string material—The Kill Suit® design provides for reduction in suit overall weight and easy hassle free walking to and from stand locations. Other features: Elastic in shirt sleeve cuffs, five button easy snap closure on jacket with attached face veil on hood with draw string. Complete 4 piece set includes jacket, pants, & storage bag. Hand washable, line dry. Imported

Great for Hunting, Paint Ball, and Airsoft Camo.

  • Complete suit - Jacket (with hood and face veil attached), pants, and handy storage bag! 
  • Special polyester material weave and specially chosen digital camo colorations which duplicate natural earth tone colorations and accentuate the ‘fade out” and camouflage affect
  • "Strips of material design" eliminates the collection of twigs and burrs often plaguing suits that use ghillie string 
  • Super light-weight. Complete suite weighs under 2 pounds
  • Kill Suit Dress to Kill®

Adult Kill Suit® - 4 Piece

Ghillie Size Waist Chest
Adult Small 28 - 32" 36 - 42"
Adult Med / Large 32 - 38" 42 - 48"
Adult XL / 2XL 38 - 46" 48 - 56"

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  • 4
    Kill Suit

    Posted by R.P on 24th Jan 2020

    pretty good for the money, great for warm weather.

  • 5
    Kill Suit

    Posted by Wichits on 12th Oct 2018

    Have not one, but two of them, different colors, depending on the place of hunt.
    Works for me.

  • 4
    Strapper suit better idea

    Posted by Th on 27th Jun 2018

    While hiking feet kept stepping on other legs strips and pulling them off. Pant legs catch a lot of weeds and thorns. Will require lot of effort to remove them all. I trudged up maybe 4-5 miles of Desert Hills with it. The Sapper suit idea would be much better for somebody who has to keep moving their sets like. when predator hunting. Should have thru-pocket slits to allow reaching-into pockets without having to pull down waist of ghillie suit pants, seem like you need to wear a cap under their hood to life the strips away from you face a little bit so you don't go so blind from them dnagling soo close to your eyes. Did well at not holding in heat! For now, I'll probably just trim the pant leg bottom so they don't drag the ground

  • 5
    Just needs better solution to eyes/viewport area.

    Posted by TheGDog on 15th Jun 2018

    Just rec'd this suit. LOVE IT! This is gonna be The Bomb! Love that it's buttons instead of zipper! Seems to have good airflow! I think for face I'll have to wear one of my full face mesh masks and then just have this things hood over it. The drop-down eye/face covering it has... I don't like it. I have to wear glasses these days and that viewport isn't battoned-down to you so when you turn your head you're no longer looking thru the hole, so your vision is quite compromised. I think with a cap on and a mesh face mask, this thing will be PERFECT! Seems like you can't really use the weapon covering if using iron sights.

  • 4
    Kill Suit

    Posted by mike Rogers on 1st Feb 2018

    Really matches up with the grass and underbrush I hunt in. Light weight. Easy to store away.

  • 5
    Great product

    Posted by Terry H. on 2nd Dec 2012

    I bought this suit for a muzzleloader Whitetail hunt in open country. Walked within 40 yards of a badger and 50 yards of a doe. Stalked to within 110 yds of a buck, grunted him to 85 and dropped him. 13 points. Only thing I don't care for is the face veil, used the gunwrap doubled up for a face veil, worked great. Good product.