HS Strut Raspy Old Hen Combo Kit HS-STR-06928

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HS Strut Raspy Old Hen Combo Kit HS-STR-06928

The Raspy Old Hen Combo includes the Raspy Old Hen box and glass friction turkey calls and a Premium Flex diaphragm call. The Raspy Old Hen box call is only available in this combo pack. This box call is a custom handmade, hybrid boat-paddle-style design. It easily produces high-pitched front-end notes on yelps and raspy, high-pitched cutting. The call is constructed with a one-piece cherry bottom and a maple lid. The call is also fully waterproof for hunting in wet weather. It comes with an attached elastic strap to quiet the call when you’re on the move. The Raspy Old Hen glass friction pan call allows hunters to produce a wide range of turkey sounds, from soft yelps to loud, excited cutting. The calls have custom-molded pans for outstanding consistency and come with an all-weather carbon striker. The Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen diaphragm call is a two-reed call with a double-split top reed for great rasp with a higher pitch. The Raspy Old Hen features Infinity Latex®, the most consistent, durable latex available for diaphragm calls. The tape used in the calls is water resistant and will last an entire season.

The Hunter Specialties Combo Raspy Old Hen is Great combo for beginners and experts hunters alike

  • Includes Raspy Old Hen waterproof box call constructed of select Maple and Cherry for natural tones
  • Includes Raspy Old Hen glass friction call with carbon striker for high pitch and volume
  • Includes Premium Flex Raspy Old Hen diaphragm call with double Infinity Latex reeds for authentic sounds
  • Great value