Byron South Jackrabbit Sound Library CD BSCDJack

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Byron South Jackrabbit Sound Library CD BSCDJack

Through the years Byron's been asked for advice on what sounds he uses and what he prefers. There are many good sounds on the market today, however, most were recorded on older equipment, under less than ideal conditions, and played back through game calls using outdated technology. While these sounds and play back devices produced results, they still fell short of accurately reproducing the original sound. With today’s state of the art game calls we now have the ability to reproduce sounds more accurately, with amazing clarity and volume. This, without a doubt, will produce better results - but without good quality recordings these calls can’t reach their full potential.Realizing the potential of this new generation of game calls, Byron set out to capture the highest quality calling sounds available. He’s spent countless hours recording and testing these sounds with outstanding results. These are the sounds Bryon uses on his digital caller. He’s excited to finally be able to offer these sounds to you.

1. 012 Male Jackrabbit DistressBellowing moans and cries from a male jackrabbit. The pure terror and emotion in this sound is indescribable.2. 013 Female Jackrabbit DistressThe pitiful screams of this jackrabbit will bring a tear to your eye. Her relentless wails will bring them running.3. 014 Swamp Rabbithis sound is slightly higher pitched than most jackrabbits, but still has a guttural sound. The fast tempo of this sound creates excitement and urgency.4. 015 Duelling JacksAs its name suggests, this is two jackrabbits screaming the blues. Great sound for call shy predators.

In both CD format, and MP3 format. (When used in a CD player they will play for approximately 15 minutes per track, with four sounds per CD). The sounds are also on the CD in MP3 format for downloading to callers such as the FOXPRO and other callers that play mp3 format.