Flextone Western Predator Combo Kit PRED00010

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Flextone Western Predator Combo Kit PRED00010

The Flextone Western Predator Combo is a versatile pack designed with one sole purpose...predator eradication. The Western Predator Combo is equipped with a Dying Mouse call and the Dying Jackrabbit call. The Dying Jackrabbit call has the long range capability that allows you to reach out and touch something, while maintaining the ability to be used as a mid-range coaxer. The flexible rubber body allows you to change tone, volume and pitch, keeping your sets different and fresh. The Dying Mouse call is for use after you have gotten a predator to commit to your set. This close-range coaxer brings the predator in close, so you can "FINISH HIM!".

  • Perfect pack for long to close-range coaxing  
  • Includes the long to mid-range Dying Jackrabbit™  
  • Includes the mid to close-range Dying Mouse™  
  • Squeeze and bend soft body for variable inflections