Sceery Game Calls Advanced Trophy Predator Kit APKP

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Sceery Game Calls Advanced Trophy Predator Kit APKP

Top choice of government hunters in both the United States and Canada. Even the most call-shy varmint will respond to the authentic sounds of these expertly designed and carefully hand-tuned calls. Hand-crafted of non-reflective, soft camouflage rubber and equipped with a hand-tuned, quick-change reed and a matching braided, nylon lanyard. These are super effective for calling all North American predators-coyote, bobcat, fox, wolf, mountain lion and bear. You'll appreciate the solid, comfortable feel of the ribbed barrels and the extra volume produced by the stepped-tone sound chambers. Kit contains: AP-8 Special Coaxer Call, AP-6 Variable Predator Call, AP-7 Open Reed Predator Call, and the Instructional DVD - Ed Sceery reviews how to blow and operate the different predator calls for best field results.