Woods Wise Outburst Hog Call CM078

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Woods Wise Outburst Hog Call CM078

Do Hog Calls Work? The short answer is YES!... if they are used correctly. NO! if used incorrectly. Incorrectly like using them as instructed by most call makers. That is, screaming loudly on them as if the swamp monster has grabbed hogziller and is attempting to eat him alive! How do hogs typically react to this kind of loud and long distress screaming? They Run!... Away.

The Callmasters have spent years researching with biologists and wildlife professionals and have discovered that the key to calling hogs consistently is to use what we call "Outburst Techniques." Simply put, by sounding like hogs just "fussing" (not fighting) with each other over food, pecking order and breeding rights. We also found that, especially sows, respond well to piglet squeals which can be key to getting the groups headed in your direction.
At last! A Hog Call that actually works!
- Biologist tested "Outburst™ Methods" that really work!
- Adult Social and Feeding Squeals
- Realistic Breeding and Feeding Grunts
- Excited Pig Squeals Bring Sows Running