Wildlife Technologies Mighty Atom with 80 Calls PREDATOR Hunting Programming

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Wildlife Technologies Mighty Atom with 80 Calls PREDATOR Hunting Programming


The Mighty Atom features Wireless Remote Control with 80 Sounds. This is a professional quality game caller and the most advanced to date in the family of Wildlife Technologies game callers. Wildlife Technologies callers are currently used by hunters, photographers, biologists, and nature watchers worldwide. Each unit is preprogrammed for the customer with the 80 calls for predator and game animals. The Mighty Atom features include: All-weather capability. These systems are used from the Alaskan tundra to the plains of Africa.

Features & Specifications:

  • Frequency Response: 315Hz - 12.5Khz
  • Sensitivity: 10db SPL
  • Digital Amplifier for loud clean audio and extends battery life
  • Output Power: 10 Watts
  • Total weight is approx. 2.5 lbs with batteries 
  • The system uses 10 AA batteries (batteries are not included)
  • The user can stop play, play, pause, change volume or switch from one sound to another via remote control instantly
  • NEW Gen. 3 Internal Antenna (no external antenna)
  • Caller Material: Aluminum, stainless steel and ABS resin
  • 1-Year manufacturer warranty

The Mighty Atom Call Comes Specially Programmed with 80 Pre Programmed Calls for Hunting Predators.  

Sound Listing:

A=Adult   B=Baby  D=Distress   F=Female   M=Male   Y=Young

Included Calls:
01 Mouse Vole
02 Mouse Deer
03 Cottontail A D
04 Cottontail Y D
05 Fleming Hare B D
06 Jack Rabbit A D
07 Jack Rabbit Y D
08 Snowshoe Hare D
09 Bobcat B D
10 Bobcat F In Heat Calls
11 Bobcat A Call
12 Bobcat-Gray Fox
13 Cat B D
14 Fox Squirrel D
15 Pack Rat
16 Prairie Dog D
17 Pig B D
18 Javelina Young D
19 Raccoon A&B Fighting
20 Raccoon A D
21 Raccoon B Calling
22 Porcupine B D
23 Red Fox A D
24 Red Fox Y Fighting
25 Gray Fox A M D
26 Gray Fox A F D
27 Gray Fox Y D
28 Groundhog A D
29 Pileated Woodpecker D
30 Ringneck Pheasant Y M D 
31 Flicker
32 Magpie Alarms
33 Ravens Fighting
34 Crow D HP
35 Crow Y D
36 Crow Single Alarm Calls
37 Crows Mobbing
38 Coyote A F Communicative
39 Coyote Y F Howls
40 Coyote Y F Territorial Call
41 Coyote A F Mating Howls
42 Coyote Female Lonely
43 Coyote Female Social Howls
44 Coyote A M Communicative
45 Coyote Male Mating
46 Coyote Male Social Howls
47 Coyote Y Single Howls
48 Coyote A Beta M Challenge
49 Coyote Y M Aggressive
50 Coyote A Pair Aggressive
51 Coyote M&F Howling
52 Coyote 8 M Distress
53 Coyote A D
54 Coyote Pup D 10
55 Coyotes Adults Fighting
56 Coyote Pups Howling
57 Coyote Hunting Whines
58 Coyote A M Rally Howl
59 Antelope Fawn D
60 Mule Deer Fawn Blats
61 Mule Deer Fawn D
62 Elk Cow
63 Elk Calf D
64 Whitetail Fawn D
65 Lamb B D
66 Cow Calf D
67 Wolf Pup D
68 Cougar A F Calls
69 Cougar A F In Heat
70 Cougar A M Communicative
71 Cougar Y Whistle 
72 Black Bear Begging
73 Black Bear B D 4
74 Wild Turkey Hen Chirps
75 Wild Turkey Hen Feeding
76 Wild Turkey Tom Gobbles
77 Whitetail Doe Grunts
78 Whitetail Buck Grunt
78 Whitetail Bucks Fighting
80 Whitetail Buck Heavy Antler Rattling

 Attention Canadian Customers:  We do ship this model to Canada.   Canadian Orders Are Phone Orders Only - Call Toll Free 888 826-9683 for Details