Walker's XCEL Advanced Digital ELECTRONIC EAR MUFF With Bluetooth GWP-XSEM-BT

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Walker's XCEL Advanced Digital ELECTRONIC EAR MUFF With Bluetooth GWP-XSEM-BT

Walker's XCEL Digital Electronic Muffs provide dynamic suppression of hazardous noise while amplifying safe ambient sounds, both protecting and enhancing your hearing. Designed for hunters and shooters, the XCEL's advanced digital circuitry ensures blast noise is blocked while voices stay clear and intelligible. Bleeding-edge Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression responds to your auditory environment in different ways to deliver agile noise compression precisely when it's needed. Hi gain omni-directional mics pick up detailed external noise, amplifying it in your choice of four distinct listening modes, enabling situational awareness in challenging conditions. Bluetooth connectivity even lets you sync to your smart phone for calling and music listening. 

Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression

The XCEL features Walker's most cutting-edge sound compression technology, Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression. Driven by an advanced digital chipset, the ear muffs actively respond to your auditory environment to deliver the perfect sound compression to suit your surroundings. Unlike regular active sound suppression, which only reacts to hazardous noise in one way, this new variable system responds intelligently to the noise intensity and sound duration to provide agile, optimized hearing protection for every situation. This is a smart, innovative feature that really sets the XCEL apart from the competition.

Bluetooth for Music and Calling

With Bluetooth connectivity, the XCEL lets you stay in touch and stream your favorite audio from your smart phone while keeping your hearing protected. Enjoy your favorite music or podcasts, or even take calls, all without needing to remove your ear muffs. The ability to hear incoming calls and notification alerts lets you stay connected, even in the noisiest environments. There is no need to be cut off from the world if you don't want to be. Thanks to the XCEL with Bluetooth, you can enjoy the freedom to move, shoot, talk and listen hands-free, with no wires to get in the way - all while keeping your ears secure.

Enhanced Hearing with Four Listening Modes

The best electronic ear muffs don't just protect your ears from damage: they also enhance your hearing. Wearing any modern electronic ear muff, you can hear far better than you could with your naked ears alone. And the XCEL pushes that envelope even further, allowing you to choose from four different listening modes:
Universal - General sound amplification for all purposes

Speech Clarity - Hear voices clearly and enhance verbal communication

High Frequency - Hear steel target impact at long distances

Power Boost - Strong amplification across all ranges
This hearing protector's sound amplification is versatile and powerful. The XCEL's hi gain omni-directional mics provide high-quality directional sound, so you stay aware of your surroundings and ready to react at all times. Selectable wind noise reduction ensures the sound you hear remains reliable, even in demanding environments. And because you have your choice of listening modes, you can optimize your hearing enhancement to perfectly suit your surroundings. A voice confirmation informs you which setting you're currently on, so you can switch modes to adapt quickly and confidently.

  • Variable Dynamic Sound Suppression
  • Advanced Digital Circuitry
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Hearing Enhancement with 4 Listening Modes
  • Omni-Directional Hi Gain Microphones
  • Revolutionary Ergonomic Design
  • Wind noise reduction
  • Slim, Low-Profile Fit
  • Operates on 2-AAA batteries (included)
  • NRR 26db