Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight PL79074

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Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight PL79074

Increase your viewing range in the dark of night with the Pulsar X850 IR Flashlight. This IR flashlight by the experts at Pulsar features a variable beam that can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. The Pulsar X850 Weapon Mountable IR Flashlight attaches to any night vision devices with a Weaver rail or 1/4 inch socket. The Pulsar X850 IR LED Flashlight provides effective observation in the dark without any interference.


FOCUSING - Pulsar's high-power IR flashlights include a variable beam that can be smoothly adjusted from narrow beam to flood. Unfocused beam illuminates larger areas; the narrow beam light ensures the longest possible viewing distance.

IR SPOT POSITION - The design of Pulsar IR Flashlights allow spot position to be corrected in the field of view horizontally and vertically. To do this, loosen the ring fixing optical assembly, adjust the IR spot in the center of the field of the view (the NV unit should be on) and tighten the ring again.

POWER - Power is adjusted by rotating the wheel on the body next to the ON button. Adjustment of both - power and spot divergence angle - helps achieve best illumination of an object in specific observation conditions.

MOUNTING - Pulsar IR Flashlights are equipped with a Weaver mount adaptable for a Weaver rail on most modern night vision riflescopes and optical units, as well as hunting or sports and pneumatic weapons. The package also includes an adapter that allows flashlights to be attached to night vision units outfitted with a 1/4 inch tripod mount.

INDICATION - When the IR Flashlight is on, the LED indicator located next to the battery container lights up. When the batteries are low, the indicator changes a color, the latter depending on the IR flashlight's model

Technical Specifications

      • Equivalent IR Power, mW 30-350
      • Diod type, LED
      • Lens diameter, mm 35
      • IR Wavelenght, nm 850
      • Power Supply, 2xAA 
      • Range of beam divergence, degree 3-9.5
      • Rifle Mount Weaver / 1/4" socket
      • Average operation time with one set of batteries, 2 hours 
      • Operating Temp , -20C to +40C
      • Lens Material, glass 
      • Body Material, plastic
      • Length, mm 152-165
      • Width, mm 45
      • Height, mm 52
      • Weight, oz 7.8
      • Type: IR Flashlight
      • Emitter: LED
      • Wavelength: 850nm


      • Carrying case
      • Adapter for devices with a 1/4" socket
      • User manual
      • Cleaning cloth
      • Warranty card