Thompson Long Range Nothing Under 300 Yards Vol. 1 DVD

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Thompson Long Range Nothing Under 300 Yards Vol. 1 DVD

“Nothing Under 300 Yards” showcases long range hunting for antelope, javelina, elk, aoudad, deer and other game in the states of Wyoming, New Mexico, Utah and Texas. Experience all aspects of hunting, from the perspectives of the hunters to the environment of the hunt.

You will meet Mark Thompson, who has developed the unique shooting system that is featured, as well as other hunters, in real world hunting situations and you will see the most incredible hunting footage ever captured with 22 kills, including a 1,116 yard antelope kill. In addition, the footage contains three more 1000 yard kills, and a must-see trophy antelope kill by a 14-year old boy. You will visually see the vapor trail of the bullet as it travels through the air and hits the target. This DVD is designed to educate, entertain and show what can be done if you are willing to obtain the skills and equipment to shoot long range. Thompson’s Long Range “Nothing under 300 yards” is the finest long range Hunting DVD ever produced. See what’s possible with this shooting system and a bit of practice.