Knight and Hale Wet Willy Turkey Box Call KH120WP

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Knight and Hale Wet Willy Turkey Box Call KH120WP

Water and turkey box calls have never mixed -- until now. There was a time when you had to chalk your turkey box call on a regular basis to keep moisture out so that it would last. Turkey box calls are investments, and you certainly want yours to last. They're the most popular turkey calls on the market, for good reason. Now one of their only drawbacks, the fact that they couldn't be used in the rain, has been eliminated with the Knight & Hale Wet Willy turkey box call.

It's the first truly waterproof turkey box call that sounds great even in a downpour. Not only is it loud, compelling and realistic, but it actually produces two different turkey sounds that are hard to distinguish from a real turkey. Use the first side when turkey hunting to get that loud, high-pitched hen call. Use the other side for a raspier, lower-pitched gobbler yelp.

And now you can forget the chalk. The Wet Willy doesn't need it due to the material that makes it waterproof. You never know when a sudden rain will start on your turkey hunting trip. Don't let it send you packing because you brought a turkey box call that can't stand up to some moisture. Pack the Wet Willy turkey box call and be prepared