Harmon Scents Rutting Doe Urine HRD

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Harmon Scents Rutting Doe Urine HRD

Rutting Doe™ " the Hottest Premium 100% Pure Whitetail!!!! "Female Deer in Heat™" product sold in this country. Female deer go in heat for only three days out of the month. the female deer we use are penned up the day they are going into heat, the actual day they are in heat and then the last day they are going out of heat. This insures the richest and most powerful "Female Deer In Heat™ " product on the market. Bucks will come quicker to the real scent of a "Female Deer in Heat™" and they will stay longer for you to have that shot of a lifetime!! 100% pure whitetail female deer in heat estruses urine, secretions and hormone discharge. Spray Harmon's Rutting Doe™ - female deer in heat™ lure - in a primary or mock scrape. In addition, you can saturate up to four 35mm film canisters filled with cotton balls and place them 20 to 30 yards in front of your hunting site. It will drive the big bucks crazy.