FOXPRO The Woodsman Prey Distress FPWoodsman

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FOXPRO The Woodsman Prey Distress FPWoodsman

FOXPRO is proud to present the Woodsman prey distress hand call! You will find the same high quality craftsmanship, versatility, and reliability in FOXPRO's hand calls as you have come to appreciate in FOXPRO's digital calls.

Variety of Sounds. The Woodsman is extremely versatile, easy to use, and can provide a wide variety of sounds to attract predators. The closed reed design allows you to produce jack and cottontail rabbit distresses, and many other popular distress cries.

Rugged Design. Measuring in at just under 4" long and just over 1 1/2" wide at the bell opening, the Woodsman is small enough to connect to your favorite lanyard and tough enough to hold up in the most demanding of situations. The closed reed design is easy to master and creates superb distress sounds.

New Strategies. Whether used as a stand-alone call or in conjunction with your FOXPRO digital game call, the Pied Piper makes a great new tool for your predator calling arsenal.

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