Drury Outdoors Predator Madness 5 DVD

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Drury Outdoors Predator Madness 5 DVD

In Predator Madness 5, the fur flies with a ferocity never before caught on tape as 33 coyotes, 3 bobcats and two foxes get smashed with some serious heavy metal from way up the food chain. Our top guns take no prisoners as they roam North, South, East and West to bring you the finest reel of down-n-dirty dog devastation to ever hit shelves.

Tad Brown and his rag-tag band of brothers keep their guns smokin’ across WY, NE, KS and MO. In Alberta, the terrain is wild and ‘yotes are thick until Tad Brown and Dan Thurston get busy chopping. They come home with some absolutely awesome footage. You’ll even get to watch actual kill shots through the eyepiece of the new nightvision scope used by Korey Kirshenman and Mike Prochnow in North Dakota. Louie Payne continues his how-to trapping series, and this year uses Reconyx trail cameras over carcasses for a stunning look at the hidden lives of the predators we hunt. And that’s just a taste of the action. There’s a truckload more coming at you. Just hit play. 2 hours DVD Format.