Primos The TRUTH 7 BIG Bulls 471 VHS

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Primos The TRUTH 7 BIG Bulls 471 VHS

WARNING: The Hunter General has declared this video hazardous to your marriage and your job. This video has been known to cause flare-ups of Elk Fever, a dreaded disease with no known cure. Side effects may include: wearing a 40 pound pack while mowing the lawn, running up and down stairs at lunch, making strange squealing noises in your house, yard and car at all hours of the day and night, general daydreaming, uncontrollable urges to buy items at your local hunting store, and in some extreme cases divorce. Side effects may become more noticeable if you haven't obtained a tag by July 1st. The only known relief for symptoms of this disease is a week-long trip to the mountains in September, though two to three weeks provide longer-lasting relief.


  • 11 Hunts
  • 120 Minutes
  • VHS video format
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