Lightforce Blitz 240MM 9.5 inch 12V 70 Watt HID Handheld Spotlight SL240HID CBSLBHID70 LD033

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ightforce Blitz 240MM 9.5 inch 12V 70 Watt HID Handheld Spotlight SL240HID CBSLBHID70

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The NEW range of Lightforce handheld Xenon HID lights are the next generation in lighting performance, giving 30% better light output, cleaner whiter light, and 60% reduced power consumption compared to equivalent halogen lights.

LIGHTFORCE SL240HID Handheld 70 WATT XENON HID Extra long-range handheld lights are made from lightweight composite polymer construction for extreme strength and durability without the heavy weight found in metal lights. With an internal 35w ballast enclosed within the base makes this light easy to use and well balanced. Bulbs have been designed by Lightforce exclusively for use with our parabolic reflectors providing extreme light penetration. Suitable for a wide verity of applications when lightweight, portability and high output light is desired. Bulb wattage is matched to ballast output, ensuring durability and color consistency. Light includes coil cord with cigarette plug.

Please Note: The HID bulb does not work with any BPS or dimmer device. Colored lens filters or battery NOT INCLUDED - sold separately. This unit is designed to get power from cigarette lighter plug-in. 

 Key Features:

  • Custom made HID bulb optimized for the Lightforce parabolic reflectors.
  • 240mm Reflector
  • 3.6 meter coil cord fitted with cigarette plug
  • Fully compatible with our existing clip on filter system
  • 12 volt model input voltage 9 – 16 volts cig plug. Operating voltage 12.8 volts DC (typical)
  • Recommended operating temperatures (ambient): -40°C > +40°C Maximum -40°F > +104°F 
  • Maximum Lumen output: 70 Watt 6400 lumens  
  • Kelvin scale color temperature: 5K
  • Internal ballast housed within the base
  • Weight (including coil cord): SL240HID - 2.75lbs