Knight and Hale Coon Squawler KHSG1000

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Knight and Hale Coon Squawler KHSG1000

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This is a reed-type coon squawler that has more volume than comparable coon calls. It makes the distinctive sound of a fighting coon, which are the sounds necessary for calling him out of a tree.

The new barrel design has an ergonomic look and feel. The “threadlock” barrel threads into the shortened end piece for ease of disassembly. The wedge, reed and sound board are also changed, so the reed “locks” into place. This allows the call to be reassembled just as it came from the factory - every time. The end result is a great sounding, user friendly, compact call, with a lot of volume. Coon Squawler Call. Causes coons to show their eyes - then its lights out! Brings coons down the tree ready to fight. A must have call for any serious coon hunter.