H.S. Strut DVD and Turkey Call Combo Mouth Calling Pack 101 06992

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H.S. Strut DVD and Turkey Call Combo Mouth Calling Pack 101 06992

The Hunters Specialties H.S. Strut ''Mouth Calling 101'' DVD and Turkey Call Combo Pack combines a 30-minute instructional DVD featuring the H.S. Pro Staff with three H.S. Strut® Premium Flex™ Diaphragm Turkey Calls: the Raspy Old Hen, the E-Z Rasp, and the Double D. The Premium Flex diaphragm frame assembly is more comfortable to use and retains its shape and perfect calling pitch. This line of calls produce all the authentic tones of a turkey, from the yelps of an old boss hen to raspy, seductive cackles. These calls utilize H.S. Strut's Infinity Latex for reeds that require less air pressure to run, giving hunters more realistic sounds. Top quality latex and tape along with H.S. Strut's high manufacturing standards for consistent thickness and reed stretch ensure you get the best diaphragm calls ever produced. Both the tape and latex are moisture resistant for longer life. Features:


  • 30-minute instructional DVD "Mouth Calling 101: Real Strut Talk" with the H.S. Pro Staff features actual turkey communication broken down and analyzed
  • Raspy Old Hen has two reeds that are double split
  • E-Z Rasp has three ultra-thin reeds with special cut top reed
  • Double D has two thin reeds