FOXPRO Kryptek Mandrake Camo Electronic Caller Carry Bag

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FOXPRO Kryptek Mandrake Camo Electronic Caller Carry Bag

Protects your caller while in transit, keeping everything together and in its place. Includes a remote control side pouch to provide a safe and convenient place to store your remote transmitter. A zippered front pouch and internal compartment offer you plenty of storage for hand calls or other gear that you may need to take into the field. The case is fitted with a carry handle as well as a removable padded shoulder strap. A zippered end pouch offers storage for the optional charger and spare batteries as well as the shoulder strap or extra ammunition.

  • This newly re-designed case has been made slightly larger to better fit the Hellfire, Banshee, CS24C, and in addition to any call that is smaller than those models.
  • Compatible with the following FOXPRO Ecallers: ZR2, AR4, NX3, NX4, XR6, FX3, FX5, FX7, Fury, GX7, Fury2, Scorpion X1A, X1B, X1C, Spitfire, Wildfire, Wildfire 2, Firestorm, Fusion, Crossfire, CS24B, CS24C, Hellfire, Inferno, Banshee, Patriot, Deadbone, HammerJack, BuckPro, TurkeyPro, Elk/Moose Pro (Note: the Shockwave will not fit in this bag).