Field Optics Research Precision Bowl Top Carbon Fiber Tripod BT-5436C & GUNPOD FM-500B Combo Kit

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Field Optics Research Precision Bowl Top Carbon Fiber Tripod BT-5436C & GUNPOD FM-500B Combo Kit

Kit Includes:

  • Bowl Top Precision Tripod BT-5436C (54", 3.6 lbs) (Retail $339.99)
  • Precision Bowl Tensioner (+/- 20 deg rotation)
  • Precision Bowl Tensioner Long Handle FPBT-LH (Retail $89.99)
  • Arca Swiss Picatinny lever Clamp FBT-ASPL (dual arca swiss & picatinny mounting option) (Retail $85.00)
  • GUNPOD FM-500B - BLACK FM-500B (Retail $299.99)
  • Total Retail Value $874 - SAVE $175

Bowl Top Precision Tripod BT-5436C - Designed specifically for weapon support systems, Precision Rifle Shooting (PRS), Long Range Shooting Competition Shooting and videography. Fits 75m leveling base or video heads and allows for precise adjustments with the lowest profile possible. Leveling base locking system allows for tension control on the ball and not just a solid lock as other system operate. This allows for precision adjustment without the use of an additional head.

This Bowl Top tripod is extremely strong but still light weight. Made with the 32mm dia., 8 layer carbon fiber legs, for maximum strength & rigidity. When combined with our 75mm leveling base (sold separately) it provides an extremely stable low profile shooting platform. Also it is the ideal tripod platform for video and high power photography. It is the ideal set up for PRS and long range shooting.

It is the perfect tripod as the base for our FM-400 GunPOD system for high power rifle and pistol tripod mount applications.
Adjustable height from 3.8" to 54.5". And by attaching the 12" leg tube extensions (sold separately) you can reach up to 65" high.


Weight: 3.6 lbs
Folded Length: 21"
Load Capacity: 95 lbs
Max Height: 54.5"
Min Height: 3.8 "
Bowl Angle Adjustment: +/- 20 deg.
Leg Segment: 3, twist
Detachable legs: 3
Tube Dia: 32mm

Precision Bowl Tensioner Long Handle FPBT-LH - Long Handle Leveling Base for BT Precision tripods. 75mm bowl allows for an amazing +/- 20 deg of rotation. Made of 6061-T6 AL bowl and bottom disk with a light weight delrin handle. Tension control locking system to allows for precision movement if desired or full lock if no motion is needed.

Handle is 2.75 inches long with ergonomic griping grooves.
3/8-16 thread head interface with 1/4-20 head rotation locking nut. With weight hook strap and D-ring.

Arca Swiss Picatinny lever Clamp FBT-ASPL - Arca Swiss-Picatinny Lever Clamp is a multi function mount system that connects directly to an FBT-LB leveling base with an interlocking face groove and an external retention clamp to provide smooth pan rotation and shock absorption. Capable of mounting Arca Swiss or Picatinny Rail system directly without the need for a QR head plate. Adjustable tension side lever clamp for quick connect and release. The independent pan axis allows smooth panning without releasing the leveling base. Top plane bubble level, and vertical tilt level assures weapon is perfectly upright for PRS & LR shooting. Configurable shock retention pins for Arca Swiss plates. Precision gradient markings help create accurate panoramic images. (not shown)

All CNC aircraft grade 6063-T6 aluminum construction.

GUNPOD FM-500B - BLACK FM-500B - GunPOD just got better. The all new FM-500B is the latest upgrade from the FM-400B with taller side walls, longer main frame while still maintaining the same low weight of only 1.25 lbs. The FM-500B is absolutely the best tripod gun mount ever invented. Dual moving wall clamps always maintains the center of gravity on tripod which is critical for heave weapons to maintain perfect vertical orientation as required to accurate long range shooting. The reversible side walls can switch between soft-side surface or hard-side with both having direct picatinny interlock with gun side rails. Picatinny lower center rail slot allows rifle or pistol connection without the need of using side clamps. The direct Arca Swiss tripod interface eliminate the need of a QR adapter plate for added reliability, lower cost and weight. CNC machined anodized aircraft 6061-T6 aluminum construction with stainless steel hardware. Color: Black. MADE IN THE USA.

Dual side clamps maintains perfect center of gravity on tripod
Reversible side walls for both soft side contact or Picatinny rail interlock
Soft side pads designed for Picatinny interface for added control
Picatinny center rail slot with lock knob for both rifles and pistols
Direct Arca Swiss tripod interface (no adapter plate required) plus ¼-20 & 3/8-16