Extreme Dimension Phantom Bear Pro Series with Remote Control WR360

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Extreme Dimension Phantom Bear Pro Series with Remote Control WR360

Extreme Dimension Pro-Series with Remote Digital Calling System This new series of digital game calls has been completely redesigned to include all the sound quality and features of the original Phantom Game Call plus a score of new highlights to make it one of the finest calling systems available.

The 16-bit processor gives double the sound quality of previous models, and the improved cold-weather performance keeps the caller operating in temperatures as low as -40° F. Power and low-battery indicators. The upgraded processor also gives exceptional battery life (up to 16 hours at maximum 126 db volume on four AA batteries).

Raised rubber keypad. This model has an on/off button with a light on/off indicator, low battery light, mute button and a volume control. This model requires antennas on each of the units. (Included) The telescoping antenna should be placed on the receiver. An ABS all weather 15 watt speaker is plugged into the top and clipped on the back of the receiver unit, making this a compact system with the capability to place the sound away from you up to 200 yards, depending on the terrain, distancing yourself from the center of sound to ensure you remain safely undetected from your ground blind or tree stand, therefore enhancing your calling success. Another unique feature is the ability to double the same sound or combine 2 different sounds at the same time, this can give your calling environment a more life like setting.

The Pro Series is capable of using interchangeable sound modules (extra modules sold separately). The Pro Series gives you the ability to take the same compact call with you for that late-winter predator hunt as well as a pre-rut deer outing. This unit comes with a transmitter and receiver assembly for remote operation.

The Phantom Pro-Series Wireless Digital Call contains the following 12 sounds for all your Bear hunting needs.

  1. Crow
  2. Raven
  3. Sow in Heat
  4. Sow Grunts
  5. Boar Grunts
  6. Growls
  7. Jaw Snapping
  8. Cub Distress
  9. Fawn Distress
  10. Rabbit Distress
  11. Bear Chewing
  12. Foraging