CritR Call Song Dog Howler SD1

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Critr Call Song Dog Howler SD1

The Song Dog was designed with the best features and use characteristics of all Crit'R Call models, to make coyote vocalizations. The Song Dog makes great lone howls, group howls, challenge barks, ki-yi calls, whines, whimpers, and combinations of all coyote sounds. It provides excellent range from very quiet sounds to howls that can be heard three miles away. The Song Dog also makes terrific rabbit distress calls, pig squalls, doe bleats, and other fox and coyote sounds. It is sold in a kit with 5 reeds, 3 reed blocks, 2 reed bands, 2 extensions, and a 54-page instruction booklet - Talking to Coyotes with the Song Dog - on how to call coyotes with howls, barks, yelps, and whines. The book identifies coyote vocabulary, instructs you on how to make the sounds, when to use them, and what to do to respond to coyotes that reply to the caller. The booklet included with the call provides the caller with highly successful methods that have been used for 50 years by predator-control professionals. Used with quality rabbit distress calls, fawn bleats, and other prey sounds, coyote talk becomes the clincher in bringing call-shy coyotes into range. It is terrific on windy days and when calling in timber and heavy cover.