Bog-Pod® Super Steady Combo Tripod 22″ to 68″ Tall with Universal Shooting Rest and Xtreme Shooting Rest 735550

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Bog-Pod® Super Steady Combo Tripod 22″ to 68″ Tall 735550

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Use the Bog-Pod Super Steady Combo to adjust to your hunting styles. If you are running and gunning coyotes try the USR for less bulk and ease of carry. When you switch over to deer season and are hunting out of a ground blind, try the XSR for an even steadier rest. The adjustable tripod gives you a rock solid platform to shoot from and can be easily adjusted for shooting sitting or standing. Take along the SSC on your next hunt and make every shot count.


  • The SSC features three of our most popular items in one combo pack (Please Note: Combo is only available with RLD-3 tripod.)
  • Rapid-adjust twist locks loosen or tighten legs with a couple of turns.
  • RLD-3 Tripod
  • Can be used in sitting, kneeling, or standing position – from 22″ to 68″ usable height when legs are spread
  • Removable rubber feet with reveal carbide tip for better grip on ice
  • Inch markers on middle leg sections help to quickly reach a set height
  • Includes free carry bag
  • USR – Universal Shooting Rest
  • Switcheroo® Shooting System – Easily switch between accessories in the field using the same platform
  • Swivels 360° to easily track target
  • Rubber covered to prevent damage to gun stocks
  • XSR – Xtreme Shooting Rest
  • Perfect as a bench rest in the field
  • Great for long-range shooting
  • Ideal for hunting from ground blinds
  • Use in sitting, kneeling, or standing positions 
  • Height when closed for carrying is 33″